"It’s All About The Dog"

Why We Love Our Dogs, Check Out These Silly Dog Gifs and Fun Canine Facts

It is no secret that people in the U.S. love their dogs. In fact, there are more than seventy-eight million dogs in America alone. That staggering number increased by ten million dogs since 2000. The Internet is full of silly dog gifs, and we wanted to share a few of them with fellow dog lovers. Like this adorable ‘Pitball’ gif that defines the meaning of doggie happiness:

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And here are seventeen excellent silly dog gifs in one album:

mans best friend

While we are bringing a smile to your face, we also wanted to give you some fun facts about dogs from randomhistory.com.

  • Is your male dog named Jake or Max? It is no surprise because these are the top two names for male dogs.
  • If you are considering naming your daughter Molly or Maggie, you might want to think again because these are the top two names for female dogs!
  • You already know that French fries did not originate in France but did you know the French poodle traces back to Germany? “Poodle” comes from the German Pudel or Pudelhund, meaning “splashing dog.”
  • Those cute little dachshunds that we nick-named “wiener dogs” were bred to fight badgers. Remember that the next time one of these affectionate beasts is drooling all over you!
  • What do puppies and infants have in common? They are both born toothless.
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