Dog Obedience Training

dog obedience trainingCanine Commanders mission is to help you achieve the highest goals for you and your dog. We offer training for Basic Commands, Environmental Socialization, Leadership Skills and Private Lessons. Our obedience training is designed to quickly get you communicating effectively with your dog so they can become part of your family. This training provides a foundation for many years of enjoyment together. Contact Canine Commander for all your dog obedience needs.

Some of the basic obedience commands we teach are; come, sit, down, stay, heel and go to place. Our advanced obedience training is off-lead training which will allows a greater level of control in any environment. Canine leadership skills to improve communication and behavior.

Learn Basic Commands For Your Dog

obedience training graduateCanine Commander teaches basic obedience commands including; COME: The “come” command which is the most important basic command. This is also referred to as the “recall” or “here”. SIT: The “sit” command instructs your dog to assume a sitting position. DOWN: A “down” command should result with your dog laying down with its paws on the floor. STAY: The “stay” command keeps your dog in its current position (“heel”, “sit”, “down”, “stand”) until the handler releases it. HEEL: The command “heel” brings your dog to walk next to the handler’s left leg. GO TO PLACE: A “go to” or “go to place” command moves your dog to a specific location.

  • Learning The Basics To Control Your Animal

Environmental Socialization Skill Training

canine environmental socialization


Canine Commander teaches environmental socialization skills for the dog and owner. This training provides the skills you and your dog needs to enjoy public places like; stores, restaurants, hotels, green spaces and shopping malls. With environmental socialization, your dog will have the socialization skills to behave while in public. Environmental socialization includes; socialization and behavior skills in public settings, car travel, public transportation, distractions in public (loud noises, pedestrians, food, and other animals), proper manners when greeting others, appropriate behavior at restaurants and public buildings.

  • Train Your Dog To Be Sociable, Well Behaved & Reliable

Canine Leadership Skill Training

canine leadership skill trainingDogs emulate and respond to the behavioral examples and environmental cues of their owners. Canine leadership skills provide the framework for managing these examples and cues. The training enhances positive the behavior and environment of the owners while reducing any effects which are negative. Key concepts for good canine leadership skills are consistency (behaviors, boundaries, routine), example (anger = aggression, calm = control) and reward (food, play social contact). Following proper canine leadership skills can reduce behavioral issues like separation anxiety, destructive behavior and negative fear-based behaviors.

  • Canine Leadership Skills To Improve Communication & Behavior

On-Site Private Lessons Available

Canine Commander offers on-site private lessons for obedience training. One of our knowledgeable and professional obedience trainers will come to your house and work on a select set of commands per session with you and your dog. In private obedience training lessons we can address training issues which are specific to your situation. This “customized” obedience training is a favorite of our clientele.

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Get In-Home Dog Obedience Lessons For NYC & Long Island