No Need For Dog Shaming When You Use Canine Commander

Sep 25, 2015Tips

The phenomenon of dog shaming has taken the internet by storm. Dog shaming involves snapping a photo of your dog with a sign that announces his misdeed to the world. Whenever a dog does something wrong, it is tempting to scold them and make them feel ashamed of what they have done. They will often hang their head in what appears to be remorse, thump their tail against the floor, and glance up at you with a mournful look in their eyes.

No Need For Dog Shaming When You Use Canine Commander

While it is amusing, shaming is not an effective way of disciplining a dog. It is important to remember that the mind of a dog is quite different from our minds. It is questionable whether dogs even feel shame at all. In response to the dog shaming trend, some veterinarians have expressed skepticism about the assumption that dogs feel remorse. In a Daily Mail article, a veterinary scientist named Susan Hazel says that dogs do not feel guilt. Instead, the guilty look that your dog gives you when you scold her is just a result of the way that dogs have adapted to live with humans. Even if dogs could feel shame, it probably would not be the best way of correcting their negative behavior. In the same way, that shaming a child is not likely to correct negative behaviors, shaming a dog would be likely to have a similar effect.

Instead, rely on Canine Commander Dog Training. The professionals at Canine Commander are experienced at getting to the root of your dog’s behavioral issues. They are highly skilled and use advanced forms of training to teach your dog how to behave. Canine Commander can correct issues such as excessive barking, biting, and hyperactivity. With Canine Commander, there is no need to shame or scold your dog. If you are tired of your dog’s unwanted behaviors, contact Canine Commander today.

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