How Puppy Training New York Can Turn Your Tough Pup Into a Dream Dog

Jul 10, 2015Tips

Is your puppy regularly acting out and not listening to a word you say? High-quality puppy training New York can quickly turn the most problematic puppy into a dream dog. Just take the training success story of Dudley into consideration. Dudley was a “difficult” dog that no one thought could be trained. He was deaf, blind, and highly aggressive towards other dogs. The shelter that had housed him his whole life were at their wit’s end and simply couldn’t find anyone interested in taking on such a problematic case.

Puppy Training New York Turn Pup Into Dream Dog

However, trainers at “Woof! Center for Active Pets” quickly spotted the problem: Dudley had suffered a cerebral injury that limited his physical and mental progression. Using hydro-therapy and physical therapy, they eliminated his physical struggles.

Even more impressively, they used cognitive training and socialization techniques to create a friendly and obedient puppy that was quickly adopted just a month after he was declared a problem dog. Puppy training usually doesn’t involve such severe cases. It is a gentle, but firm, way to correct a dog’s behavior problems that taps into a dog’s natural need for an “alpha” dog to correct it when it acts out.

Becoming that alpha to your puppy is essential, but many people struggle to achieve that goal. The shelter that housed Dudley couldn’t establish control over him, but the gentle and kind trainers at “Woof!” broke through with Dudley and helped ensure a happy life to a dog that may have otherwise been destroyed.

At Canine Commander, we deal with poorly behaved and disobedient dogs every day. We work hard to find a training method that suits your dog’s natural personality and which will quickly curb its bad behavior. So, if you have a Dudley you want to turn into a Lassie, contact Long Island-based Canine Commander.

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