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How Professional Doberman Training Can Keep Your Doberman Safe

Doberman pinschers are among the most popular of breeds, but require professional Doberman training. They not only make excellent guard dogs but can also be friendly and loving family pets. Their reputation for violence often belies their innate gentle nature. Improper training can result in violence regardless of breed. Due to the size and muscularity of a Doberman, it is essential to consider professional Doberman training for your dog. This fact is particularly true if your pup is living in an apartment and has few ways of venting their energy.

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Aggression, Not The Same As Violent

Their history, size, and the aggressive look of the Doberman makes them look harsh and aggressive. To many, their reputation as cruel dogs has made them a de facto villain in many movies. These misunderstandings are truly unfortunate as the Doberman has indeed gotten a bad wrap. Dog trainers know Dobermans can be a sweet and gentle dog if trained properly.

Note, however, that aggressive does not automatically mean violent. In fact, aggressiveness can be best understood as “energetic” when it comes to this breed. Dobermans are very curious, energetic, and focused dogs that want to investigate every person who enters a home. They also want to become their friend, after they are assured they are friendly and may become lap dogs if you allow them to sit next to or on you.

That excessive and sometimes unfocused energy does need an outlet, though, which is why playing with a Doberman is so important. They love pulling games, chasing balls, and simply racing around a yard. However, aggression may turn to violence if your Doberman is ever ill-treated by anyone. This fact is particularly true in apartment Dobermans, who need regular walking to work off their energy.

How You Train A Doberman Matters

Dobermans make great guard dogs because they have been bred to be focused and diligent about their home. Unfortunately, if they are trained to use their personality and excessive energy towards violence, they will do so. Junkyard owners and others who use Dobermans for guard dogs purposefully teach them to turn their excessive energy into force.

This problem is particularly notable if an owner uses violence on the dog to correct their behavior. This violence will make the dog afraid of people and can even cause it to lash out at them. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior has given the Doberman a reputation that it does not quite deserve. That said, thorough training may be necessary if your dog has ever shown any violent behaviors towards you or others.

Why Training Is Essential

If your Doberman has ever lashed out at you or anyone else, there is a chance that they have been improperly trained in the past. This does not mean that you have done anything wrong. In many instances, they may have been mishandled as a puppy or had issues before you adopted them. It can be scary to see a Doberman snarl at you. However, professional Doberman training can alleviate this behavior.

High-quality dog trainers will take steps to identify why your Doberman behaves this way. They can then build up trust between them and the dog to make sure that they understand who is in control. Dogs often need somebody to take control of a situation and be the alpha. Trainers can help your Doberman understand that you are the alpha and that you must be obeyed.

In this way, it is possible to work any violence or aggression out of your Doberman. They can then be the loving and sweet dog that you want and which your family deserves. If you think you need professional Doberman training, please contact Canine Commander. We can help your puppy learn how to behave and to stay on the path towards proper behavior.

"Just got my pup back and he is so well behaved! These guys are awesome and went above and beyond to train my puppy. They were very quick to respond and always gave us video updates while Dobby was still with them. Highly recommend."
- Nicole F.

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