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July Dog Days of Summer, Obedience Training Classes

No one is having any fun when your puppy is being disobedient because he or she lacks the proper training. Rather than feeling frustrated consider enrolling them in our July dog training classes. It is a great way to start them off on the right paw and enhance the bond between you and your beloved pet. Summer is the perfect time for your dog to run, jump and play. Your puppy not only wants to bond with you but make friends with other dogs. Proper training allows your dog to get sufficient exercise and agility training they need.

July Dog Days of Summer

You want to know that your children, friends, and family are safe around your pet under supervision. Let’s face it, dogs like to chase cats. Despite your best efforts, the temptation to pursue that innocent feline is too irresistible for Fido to pass up. You certainly do not want them barking and jumping up on people. With our July dog days of summer, obedience training classes, Fido learns to recognize a voice command, establishing the lines of clear communication. This also helps prevent common canine behavioral problems such as barking, jumping up, chewing and digging.

We all do better when we understand what others expect from us and receive affirmation for our efforts. Your dog is no different. When they understand their place, it teaches them right from wrong, eliminating confusion. Using the basic commands such as sit, come or down you will have better control over the situation and Fido is easier to manage.

Untrained dogs challenge your leadership and authority. Fido will do better if he senses you as a confident leader who displays consistency and firmness. July dog days of summer, obedience training classes will teach your pet to recognize you as their alpha leader eliminating instances of dominance struggles. Through patience and repetition, your pet learns to master each command while building confidence and reinforcing your bond. An obedient dog is a happy dog that is no longer tearing up your furniture.

It is the July Dog Days of Summer, and we are now accepting spots for puppy kindergarten and obedience training classes. Kindergarten classes begin Wednesday July 1st to July 22nd starting at 7 p.m. $120/4 classes. Basic obedient classes begin July 1st to July 29th at 7:30 p.m. $150/5 classes. Our address is 62 FARMERS AVE, BETHPAGE, NY 11714. Spaces are filling up quickly contact Canine Commander today to reserve your spot.

"Just got my pup back and he is so well behaved! These guys are awesome and went above and beyond to train my puppy. They were very quick to respond and always gave us video updates while Dobby was still with them. Highly recommend."
- Nicole F.

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