How New Puppy Training Will Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Dog

Feb 20, 2015Tips

Part of being a responsible owner of a canine is providing guidance and instruction via new puppy training courses. While the adorable faces and playful antics are charming when a new puppy enters the family, it is always important to focus on teaching the young dog manners, good behavior, and obedience. Without this guidance, a cute, adorable little pup can suddenly develop negative behaviors that can affect your parent-puppy relationship.

New Puppy Training Strengthens Bond

Puppies, like human children, need structure in their lives for confidence, socialization, and relaxation. This structure helps the pet to understand both the rules of the household and proper behavior in public. Professional training is the best way for pet parents to learn what is best for the puppy and translate that into a lesson that the dog will understand.

New puppy training, for instance, teaches a pet parent how simple commands like “sit” and “stay” will benefit the dog in multiple ways. For example, guests can visit without fear of the puppy jumping, pawing or even biting. The commands can also prevent aggression toward other dogs or humans during a walk. “Sit” and “stay” can even protect a dog from running into a busy road. While seemingly simple words, they possess a power that can deter many unwanted consequences.

Leash walking, proper methods of discouraging negative behaviors, learning to communicate with your puppy, socialization and more are all benefits of the new puppy training courses. Canine Commander offers several sessions for puppies, suiting all of your needs. We even offer and encourage pre-puppy sessions to help you choose the best breed for your lifestyle.

Canine Commander wants you to establish a pleasant relationship between you and your dog. We are confident that our new puppy training sessions will help you do just that. So please don’t hesitate to contact Canine Commander for more information, and together we can take that first step toward a happy and healthy experience as a pet parent.

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