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How Do The Best Canine Board and Train Programs Work?

Many busy dog owners frustrated with their dog’s behavior wonder if sending the dog off to be trained is a good idea. Sending an animal off to a trainer is not a new concept at all. It is common for owners of working dogs (such as bird dogs, protection dogs, guide dogs and assistance dogs) to either buy the dog already trained or send the dog out to be trained by a professional. Canine board and train programs can provide the specialized training you seek to help your dog.

The Best Canine Board and Train Programs

Not Everyone is a Trainer

Pet dogs are, for some reason, expected to be trained by their owners, who usually know little about dog training. The usual process is for the owners to take the dog to a class once a week. Most dog owners who do this are somewhat surprised to learn that the dog doesn’t get trained in the class itself. Most dog training classes are in fact classes to teach the owner how to train the dog. Afterward, the dog owner is expected to spend time training the dog at home before the next class. Busy dog owners may find this difficult.

Get References

Many busy dog owners wonder why not just send the dog off to be trained by a professional who already knows what they are doing. However, the canine board and train programs must be quality board and train programs. It is true that poor-quality board and train programs do exist, so it is critical to get references. A poor-quality program leaves the dog sitting around bored in a kennel, and then puts the dog through some rushed training drills for a few hours before sending the dog home. Not surprisingly, the dog’s behavior isn’t ideal after this kind of experience. Getting references from satisfied customers is one easy way to avoid poor-quality canine board and train programs.


A good canine board and train program can make a big difference in a dog’s behavior. Most dogs are eager to be “good dogs” but they are confused by mixed messages. The biggest problem is the lack of consistency. If one day the owner says “down” to mean “lie down here” and the next day the owner says “down” to mean “get off the couch” it is not at all surprising the dog becomes confused. Sending the dog off to have a professional slowly and patiently explain what each command means, in a consistent fashion, is an excellent solution to inconsistent training.


Before you bring your dog home from a canine board and train program, the trainer will work with you to explain what the dog learned. If the dog learned that ‘Come’ means ‘Come Here’, then the owners need to learn to say ‘Come’ instead of ‘Come Here.’ In addition to having a debriefing about the commands the dog has learned, the owners will need to be given some advice on how to maintain the training. Dogs need to be occasionally praised and rewarded for being good.

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