Dogs Being Dogs, Watch Silly Dog Gifs

Nov 21, 2015News

Here at Canine Commander, our goal is to use training to help you and your dog build a relationship and have many years of friendship. However… with some special dogs, there are some moments no amount of training can prepare you for. These silly dog gifs show that sometimes, your furry best friend can be just as unique and unpredictable as you are.

Watch Silly Dog Gifs of Dogs Being Dogs

This dog that probably needs glasses more than obedience school.

This lab that just cannot understand why those strange movey things are out of reach!

When a dog is the essence of “A for effort“.

The overachiever – “sit” and “lay” are too easy for this pup.

Those times when you are so blindsided with achieving your goal that you do not see what is right in front of you.

When you want to play, but it just is not the right time or place.

That confident feeling when you know you look good.

Sometimes when we see something new, we react with fear.

That one person you are ALWAYS terrified to be around.

Those moments when your stubborn side shows.

When your dreams are bigger than life!

That *ONE* pet peeve that always sets you off.

It seems like our dogs might have more in common with us than we think! If your dog has any of these or other silly quirks, keep in mind that you probably have plenty of your own! And for any training questions or concerns, feel free to contact Canine Commander.

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