"It’s All About The Dog"

Doggie Gifs That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

Graphics interchange format, also known as a gif, is a new and upcoming technological format that is frequently used for short animations. A gif can last anywhere between two to ten seconds. It is quickly becoming a new outlet for quick entertainment amongst people of all ages. A popular genre of gifs that is making it known is doggie gifs. Gifs of dogs doing ridiculous things will without a doubt enlighten someone’s day with some laughter.

IT’S DOGGITY DUMPITY TIME! Collection of gifs with our best friends – DOGGOS!

First up we have a little boy scratching his yellow Labrador retriever who is returning the favor by scratching him back with his hind leg. How cute, a little white dog getting his groove on with his dancing friend. Following up we have a dog giving his best dog friend a loving hug. Not just once either, this is a popular gif across this site! Then we have a cute German shepherd puppy cocking his head from side to side not understanding what his owner is asking of him. What is this, a dog’s first steps in Crocs? What an interesting taste in fashion.

Have you ever seen a Chihuahua with pink lipstick on? I would argue that many people have not either. Who would have thought that a man’s best friend is also a kitten’s best horse to hop on? An exercise ball mishap sends a cute dog flipping midair. To keep cool during those scorching summer months, we have a yellow retriever having a blast on an inflatable water slide.

Dog lovers will send these quick little animations to family and friends and further continuing the obsession. Some individuals get so obsessed with these gifs, that they decide to create a website entirely dedicated to them. The website Imgur has a gif created for anything imaginable. The dog gifs are one of its most popular categories on the website. There are so many cute, hilarious gifs.

These gifs are just a minor summary of what is found on this website. So if you are as much of a lover of dog gifs as we are, then please check out our website to learn more about how to better train your dogs. If you live near the Long Island, New York area, please contact Canine Commander for more information. Thank you, and happy doggie gif watching!

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