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Dog Training Boarding, Top Five Dog Owner Mistakes

An untrained, unruly canine is not only annoying to live with but can be a danger to itself and others. Many new dog owners have no idea how to improve their dog’s behavior. The dog still pulls on the leash, jumps up on people, bolts out the door, occasionally raids the garbage and never comes when called.

Dog Training Boarding Top Five Mistakes

One option is a dog training boarding program. During this period, the dog is intensively educated in proper doggy manners and is put through a basic obedience program. At the end of the session the dog returns home, much improved.

Many dog owners may have heard the rumor that dogs exclusively obey the “pack leader”. Based upon this rumor, they believe that if the dog is sent away to a training program, perhaps the dog will only learn to obey the trainer. They will then see the trainer as a “pack leader”, and won’t respect or obey the owner when the dog returns home. Dogs do not obey just because someone is a “pack leader.” Dogs obey because they have learned the meaning of a particular command. They have learned that obeying and exhibiting good manners will lead to good things. This is positive reinforcement.

In fact, the whole process of training a dog in both obedience and manners is primarily a matter of communicating to the dog the desired behavior. Most dogs are eager to do the right thing, but they are hopelessly confused by their owners. Dogs do not understand the nuances of spoken language, and many of the things people want dogs to do are from a dog’s point of view, counterintuitive. Dogs do not understand why pulling on the leash is bad, and think they are acting polite and friendly when they jump up in greeting. Many people naturally make the Top Five Dog Owner Mistakes:

  • Inconsistent feedback. One day the dog gets pleasant attention for jumping up on people, the next day the dog gets yelled at for doing so.
  • Rewarding bad behavior. The owner lets the dog drag them around on a leash (dog gets to go faster which is what he wants). The owner feeds the dog for rude begging. The owner chases after the dog when it bolts out the door (dogs enjoy being chased).
  • Repeating commands. ‘Come,’ ‘come,’ ‘come’ the owner shrieks unintelligible. How is the dog supposed to figure out what the command even is, let alone figure out what it means?
  • Use different commands for the same behavior. Sometimes the owner says ‘come,’ sometimes ‘here,’ sometimes ‘get over here.’
  • Uses the same word for different behaviors. The irate owner says ‘down’ when the dog jumps up. Then the owner says ‘down’ when they want the dog to lie down.

Your dog will be immersed in a positive canine environment where all commands are explained to the dog, clearly and consistently. Removed from the confusing behavior of the dog’s owners the dog can more easily be re-educated. Once he has learned what he is supposed to do he can be returned to his owners.

The most successful training boarding program do not just train the dog and send them home. For best results, the owners have to undergo an education of their own. Continuing regular training classes with a trainer after the training boarding program will ensure that the owner and dog remain on track.

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"Just got my pup back and he is so well behaved! These guys are awesome and went above and beyond to train my puppy. They were very quick to respond and always gave us video updates while Dobby was still with them. Highly recommend."
- Nicole F.

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