Can Dog Safety Training Can Save Your Pet’s Life?

Feb 2, 2017Tips

People want the best for their pets, but even the most loving pet parent may not know what their dog needs, or how to proceed with training. Dogs and humans communicate in very different ways, and our requirements for comfort and security differ, as well. A good trainer helps pet parents bridge that gap, and provides an education for both canine and human family members. Dog safety training makes a huge difference in the quality of life for all members of a pet-owning household. A home with a poorly behaved dog is often chaotic and stressful. What many people do not know, however, is that dogs do not enjoy this state any more than their human family members do, and it is dangerous for them to remain out of control.

Dog Safety Training Saves Dogs

When people think of a dangerous dog, they typically imagine a snarling and aggressive animal on a chain, but the majority of dog related incidents do not occur because the animal wanted to hurt someone. A poorly trained dog does not know how to behave or understand the situations it may face, and that uncertainty often translates into inappropriate behaviors, hyperactivity, and fear. They can accidentally push over a child or older adult, nip or bark at strangers, or run away from a startling encounter and be unwilling to return to safety. Confused animals may develop phobias and insecurities. Dog fights can break out in public spaces due to well-meaning handlers who misjudge their pet’s boundaries, social skill, or mood.

Often, people do not know where to turn for help once unwanted behaviors have already become established. The trainers at Canine Commander provide knowledgeable, professional assistance, whether you just brought home your first puppy, a new rescue with an unknown history, or you have an older dog with unwanted behaviors. It is never the wrong time to reach out for help to better understand and live with your beloved pet. Contact Canine Commander.

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