Research has found evidence of magnetoreception in dogs and it is all thanks to dog poop. They didn’t set out to study dogs pooping, but that ended up being the focus of their study and the most interesting part of the study to the general public. The research, published by Frontiers in Biology, began as research on a dog’s sensitivity to small variations of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Dog Poop Magnetoreception

A discovery of magnetoreception in dogs would open totally new horizons for magnetobiological research and the discovery of a new sense would have far-reaching consequences in this sector. Dogs are closely related to Fox, Wolf, and Coyote, all of whom roam large territories suggesting superior orientation abilities. Dogs are easier to train, more readily available and dogs have a homing ability too.

Researchers began studying dogs while they were resting, feeding and excreting. They eventually focused on excreting: pooping and peeing. It was easier to track and compare. The study revealed a “highly significant axial preference for North–South alignment during defecation.” It made no difference if the dog was male or female. Male and female dogs peed at slightly different angles, but that may have to do with males raising their leg and whether they raised the right or left leg.

This study found that dogs do have a sensitivity to the Earth’s magnetic field and small variations in it. In other words, the study found a previously unknown sense in dogs.

What did most people, even writers for PBS take away from the discovery of a new sense? That dogs prefer to line their bodies up North-South when they poop. If you would like to learn more about your dog’s behavior or if you need help to change his behavior, contact Canine Commander. We will help you build a happy and healthy relationship between you, and your furry family member.