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Consider Shelter Adoption and Save a Life Like Spokey

Pets add a level of companionship to the lives of people just as people add companionship to the life of a dog. With more and more families looking to add a pet to the family, consider a shelter adoption. A shelter adoption can fulfill a family’s desire of owning a pet and can make a tremendous impact – not only on the life of the dog, but on the family’s life as well. Like the story of Spokey that was recently posted to Reddit and Imgur.

Spokey Before Shelter Adoption

We got Spokey from the local SPCA. They didn’t know much about her, besides the fact that they found her in rural West Virginia and she has had puppies in the past. She is very calm-tempered, but is both mesmerized and terrified of vehicles as they drive past her. We are having some trouble getting her to eat and drink, but we are told that can be normal with rescue pups.
We fell in love with her the minute we saw her, and returned to the SPCA every day until she was available for adoption. Can’t wait to get to know her!
EDIT: Since a lot of people are asking, Spokey is a lab/hound mix according to the SPCA. We think she may also have some Basenji in her.
EDIT 2: Thanks for all the love, everyone. Spokey seems to be settling in nicely to her new home!

Thousands of pets go to shelters every year, and while some of them do end up finding good homes, many others do not. Many pet shelters do offer temporary homes to unwanted or unclaimed dogs and cats, but lack the funding to sustain these animals long-term. Adopting dog from a shelter both provides a family with a loving and loyal pet, and ultimately save the dog’s life. Just look how happy Spokey was after her adoption.

Spokey After Shelter Adoption

There are many misconceptions about shelter animals that are simply unfounded in a wide majority of cases. Animals in shelter care do not necessarily have behavioral or medical problems. Many former pet owners are simply unable to care for them any longer, or move to a place that does not allow animals. This makes a shelter a last option for many families that are unable to keep their beloved pets with them. Adopting a pet from a shelter instead of buying one from a breeder is a viable option for any families that desire a dog. For families who are not concerned with specific breeds or a purebred pet with papers, visiting a local shelter is an eye-opening and heartwarming experience.

Many shelter animals want nothing more than a family to love and a safe, healthy home – and they are incredibly loyal and affectionate towards the family that adopts them. Giving a dog a second chance and a new beginning is a rewarding and fulfilling experience both for the dog and the person who adopts them. The gift of companionship and friendship truly lasts a lifetime and will build lasting memories. Like Spokey settling into her new home.

Spokey Settling Into Her New Home

Before visiting an animal shelter, it is important to research the particular shelters in the area to make sure that its policies are known and understood. While many shelters throughout the country do offer free adoptions on a wide variety of pets, many others charge an adoption or application fee to cover some of the costs of the animals in their care. Going into the shelter prepared and well-informed will make the process easier if a desired pet is found when visiting. Also, be prepared with necessary supplies for the pet that the family is looking for. Adopting a dog from a shelter is often an easy and beneficial process, and it is entirely possible that both the dog and the human owner’s lives are changed through the process. One day truly does make a real difference in both lives. In ways that are unimaginable beforehand.

If you have questions about the adoption process or about shelter adoptions in general, please to contact your local animal shelter. For new puppy consultation sessions and pre-puppy training, contact Canine Commander.

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