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Commands Every Dog Should Know with Canine Commander and News12

A happy dog is a well trained dog. Well-trained dogs can respond to the top 7 commands every dog should know. Each of these dog training commands performs a specific function and will help with your pet’s daily routine. Whether it is taking your dog to the dog park, the vet, for a walk, or even over a friend or relatives house, a dog that responds to these 7 commands every dog should know will always make their owner proud.

News12 reporter Erin Colton and president of Canine Commander, Chris Hanley, spent the day at the new Town of Oyster Bay Dog Park in Massapequa showing dog owners and Long Islanders, which dog instructions are the top 7 commands every dog should know. Watch as Chris and Erin teach you how to make your dog; come, sit, down, stay, heel, no, and, off at will.

Read about these top 7 commands every dog should know and more below. Watch our video “Commands Every Dog Should Know with Canine Commander and News12” on the Canine Commander YouTube channel. Long Island pet owners can contact Canine Commander to learn more about the Long Island dog training and boarding services provided by Canine Commander.

Top 7 Commands Every Dog Should Know

  1. Come – The most important command that your dog needs to learn and obey is to get your dog’s attention and call them to return to you.
  2. Sit – Training your dog to sit on command is a vital part of any dog training program.
  3. Down – When your dog lies down with his belly to the ground, it puts him in a submissive position and helps you gain control.
  4. Stay – A well trained dog should remain where his or her owner commands.
  5. Heel – It is important that any dog learn to walk beside its owner on a loose lead, neither pulling ahead nor lagging behind
  6. No – The word No is one word that all dogs must learn.
  7. Off – Tells your dog to stay down and not to jump up on you or someone else. It also keeps your dog off the furniture.

About Canine Commander

Chris Hanley is the founder of Canine Commander, with a decorated career in Law Enforcement as a K-9 handler and New York State certified Trainer/ Examiner. Chris has built an extensive foundation of knowledge through situational and hands on experience in obedience training and behavior modification. He has attended numerous training seminars and has trained with some of the best trainers in the world. Chris is living his lifelong dream of working with dogs and people. Experience and talent in dog training have landed him spots on regional television, in various news articles and on national television.

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