How a Canine Training Center Helps Make You the Boss

Aug 7, 2015Tips

Dogs are not short, furry people. Dogs have a unique style of thinking and personality that is distince from the way people think and react. Training a dog in proper behavior requires knowledge of these differences and how to use them to properly teach your dog without resorting to punitive measures. In most cases, trained professionals know, you should seek a canine training center like Canine Commander to do the heavy lifting.

Canine Training Center Makes You the Boss

The primary difference between dogs and people is that dogs are pack animals. To them, the pack is everything. In the wild, a group of dogs establish a pack, and one becomes the pack leader, not through pure strength, although that helps but through the dog’s ability to provide for the pack. As a result, the pack leader is in charge of dispensing the resources. Primarily, that will be food.

In a home situation, the family becomes the dog’s pack. If no one in the family assumes strong leadership of the dog, the dog will assume leadership of the pack and your family will have a stubborn, resistant dog on your hands. That is how he or she thinks: a pack must have a leader, and if no leader is present, the dog must assume leadership to ensure the survival of the pack. That is how your dog sees it. No amount of reasoning will fix this, dogs do not reason, dogs respect clear leadership.

Leadership is not punishment. Yelling, scolding, confining, spanking a dog does not establish you as “in charge”. Being a good provider is the first step in proving your leadership to a new dog. Being clear, firm and consistent with your dog grows your reputation as a good leader.

Unless you have experience in successfully training a new dog, it is recommended you contact a canine training center like Canine Commander. We can take you through the training process so both you and your dog will emerge with a happy and healthy relationship.

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