This Canine Training Center Says, Embrace Your New Furry Running Partner

Dec 16, 2016Tips

A tired dog is a happy dog. Running can be a great way to get both you and your dog some exercise. However, if your dog is not trained to run with you, you may find yourself going at a faster pace or getting more of an arm workout than planned. A good canine training center like Canine Commander can help.

Furry Running Partner Canine Training Center

Before beginning your dog on any exercise plan, consult your veterinarian to make sure running is a good idea for your dog. Most experts believe that the high impact sport of running is inadvisable for puppies under the age of one year. Also, some short nosed breeds can overheat easily.

The first step to teaching your dog to run with you is making sure your dog knows their basic commands and looks to you for direction. In addition, your dog should be able to walk properly on a leash at a walking pace. Your dog should be at your side or slightly behind you rather than in front of you. If your dog does not know proper leash etiquette or basic commands, a professional at a canine training center will be happy to work with your canine/human team.

Once your dog has been cleared by the vet and knows the proper manners, it is time to hit the road. However, do not start running marathons right out of the gate! Like humans, dogs need to build mileage slowly to prevent injury. If you are already an avid runner, bringing your dog out to join you for only your warm-up or cool down of a mile or so is advised to work up his mileage slowly. Over time, you can build upon your furry friend’s mileage until you are running the full miles together.

Do you need help training your dog to go for runs with you? Please contact Canine Commander today.

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