Benefits of Canine Commander Group Classes

Training and socializing your dog is an important decision for you to make as a pet owner.  A well-mannered dog is confident, loyal and less stressed with everyday life within the family. A great option is to choose Canine Commander Group Classes for basic obedience commands.  Whether you decide on personal one-on-one dog training or be in a group, this is a great way to form a special bond with your loyal companion.

Dogs in Canine Commander Group Classes

Some of the benefits of Canine Commander Group Classes may include:

  • Socialization of your dog, with people and other dogs. Introducing your dog in such a manner is crucial for the psychological health of your pet.
  • Group classes are typically cheaper than private training sessions for your dog.
  • Being in a group helps to teach your dog better focus from surrounding distractions.
  • Accomplishing specific commands in a group setting requires extreme undivided attention on the part of your dog.
  • These sessions help the owners with knowledge and techniques that would not otherwise be available, learning how to deal with and handle common and normal dog behaviors.
  • Group classes work on all the basics, from jumping, housebreaking, chewing issues, and all basic commands.
  • Creates a firm foundation for you and your dog.

There are numerous Canine Commander Group Classes to choose from as follows:

  • Saturday, September 24th – October 15th 10:15 AM: Puppy Kindergarten      (4 week course/45 min) $130
  • Saturday, September 24th – October 22nd 11 AM: Basic Obedience Training (5 week course/45 min) $160
  • Saturday, September 24th – Ongoing 12 Noon: Agility For Fun (Every Saturday) $40 per class

Classes are held at 62 Farmers Avenue Bethpage, NY 11714

Please use the side entrance on left. Ring bell on the gate.

Ensure the health and social well-being of your favorite and very special canine through Canine Commander Group Classes. A happy dog is a well-mannered, social and graceful, polite in how they greet visitors, come when called, walk properly on a leash and instantly obey all basic commands.  Help your pet be a participating member of the home and family.  For more information, contact Canine Commander, and create that special bond with your dog.