Join a Canine Commander Group Class for September 2016

Sep 15, 2016Events

We are having our next round for three levels of Canine Commander group class starting later this month and would love to have you and your pet join us for some great socialization, training, and fun. A pet with excellent manners is a joy to live with and a lot more fun to walk. Instead of dragging you at the end of the leash, your well-trained pup will walk confidently by your side.

Canine Commander Group Class Dog Training

You will both be happier on those daily walks when he is looking to you for the praise and leadership he craves. Of course, all of the compliments you will receive for your well-behaved dog will not hurt your feelings, either.

Training is particularly important for a puppy who is just beginning his life with you. He will grow up as a wonderful, well-loved member of your family and you will experience much less stress when he listens when you tell him ‘off’ or ‘go to your bed’.

The wonders of training are that it teaches your dog to listen. Once your dog knows one command, the next is easier to learn and the next… Before you know it, your dog will have a whole repertoire of commands under his collar.

So join us and give your beloved dog the gift of training that every good dog needs and deserves.

Canine Commander Group Classes

Puppy Kindergarten

Our puppy kindergarten classes start on Saturday, September 24th and go through the middle of October. Bring your puppy for some of that much-needed socialization and early manners training!

  • Saturdays at 10:15 AM
  • September 24th – October 15th
  • This 4-week course consists of a 45-minute session each week.
  • Cost is $130 for all four sessions.

Basic Obedience Training

Have you adopted a dog or have an older dog who never had a chance to go to ‘school’? This class is great for a dog that needs some basic training to become the best pet they can be.

  • Saturdays at 11 AM
  • September 24th – October 22nd
  • This 5-week course also consists of a 45-minute session each week.
  • Cost is $160 for all five sessions.

Agility For Fun

Fun, fun, fun! Agility is a great exercise for both you and your dog – and did we mention it is fun? Tunnels, jumps, A-frames, and weave poles. Agility obstacles will challenge your dog’s body and mind!

  • Saturdays at noon
  • September 24th – ongoing
  • $40 per class

Contact Canine Commander or call us at 516-503-5527 to reserve a spot in any of these classes for your dog and you. We will look forward to seeing you at our Canine Commander group class for September 2016.

Classes are held at 62 Farmers Avenue Bethpage, NY. Please use the side entrance on the left and ring the bell on the gate.

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