Canine Agility Classes, the Path to Doggie Self-Esteem

Mar 20, 2015Events

Do you know what canine agility classes can do for your dog? Dogs have been living with human beings since ancient times, and yet as humans we are responsible as the leaders of our combined packs. As such, human research on how people and dogs can best enjoy cohabitation points to the desire in a canine to experience mental and physical potential. Watching puppies play together, we see a glimpse of this potential as they dash, spar, and frolic.

Canine Agility Classes Boost Doggie Self Esteem

In a typical household environment, few dogs find the opportunity to explore and expand on that potential into adulthood, making boredom and problem behaviors more likely to set in. While typical beginning training commands are crucial to showing one’s pet that the owner is a trusted leader and must be followed at all times, such training may not achieve the species’ potential.

Enter canine agility classes. This kind of dog obedience training pushes a dog mentally and physically to respond to quick changes in the environment, complex visual cues, and more importantly, commands from a human leader. The athletic rush combined with the bond of trust needed for the dog to learn the intricacies of an increasingly fun and demanding course of obstacles will heighten the dog’s self-esteem.

Canine Commander is now offering Agility for Fun Classes. Build on the skills learned in our beginner’s obedience class by incorporating agility equipment and activities. Our canine agility classes are a great introduction to the sport of Agility in a non-competitive environment.

Canine Agility Classes Starting Saturday, March 21st at 12 Noon. Limited availability, call 516-503-5527 to reserve your spot, or with questions.

Price is $30/class.

Canine Agility Classes Schedule:

  • Saturday, March 21st to April 18th at 11 AM
    Basic Obedience Training (5-week course/45 min) $150.
  • Saturday, March 21st and Ongoing at 12 Noon
    Agility For Fun (Every Saturday) $30 per class.
  • Monday, March 23rd to April 13th at 1:00 PM
    Puppy Kindergarten (4-week course/45 min) $120.
  • Monday March 23rd to April 20th at 6:30 PM
    Basic Obedience Training (5-week course/45 min) $150.

If you are a Board and Train customer and wish to attend a refresher class, please give us a call. Our classes are held at DogAbility Center, 153 South Broadway, Hicksville. On Broadway, just two blocks north of Old Country Road and about 1/2 mile south of the Hicksville train station. We are at the former location of “Beads & Stitches,” next to St. Ignatius Church. Turn on East Cherry Street to park in our back parking lot. The entrance is from the parking lot.

We look forward to seeing you and your beloved pet at one of our canine agility classes. Contact Canine Commander for more information today.

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