Can Long Island Dog Daycare Make a Better Pet of Your Pooch?

Aug 1, 2014Tips

A lonely dog is a bored dog. Even a well-behaved pet may tend to act out if they are left home alone all day every day. If there is a good dog daycare facility in your neighborhood, check your doggie in for a day of fun with others of his kind. Dog daycare on Long Island can provide your dog with a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for those times when you cannot be by their side. We will ensure that your precious pet is appropriately cared for. Dog daycare at Canine Commander has the added benefit of being run by qualified and experienced dog trainers. We can spot behavioral issues early on and alert you to possible steps for remediation.

Dog Daycare Long Island

These dog behavior modification recommendations can even take place during their stay in our dog daycare. Of course, one day of dog daycare will not give your pooch all the training they need. We know it takes time to ensure your dog learns the critical skills they need to know. Dogs do best when they attend a two-week or four-week boarding school such as those offered at Camp Canine Commander in Bethpage, Long Island, New York.

Dogs are by nature pack animals. Every dog either needs a leader or wants to be one. A quality dog daycare knows that in order to foster a healthy relationship with your dog, your pet needs to understand that you are his or her pack leader. A dog that believes they are the alpha (leader) will tug at the leash, refuse to heel and evince other frustrating behaviors. Dogs that attend Camp Canine Commander for two or four weeks of intensive training are more secure than dogs who are left untrained. Dog daycare the Canine Commander way provides a fine favor to both you and your pet.

When your furriest family member is well-trained to understand the rules of your pack, they will think of you as a benevolent boss and not a harsh taskmaster. We know your dog wants to be your best friend. Canine Commander can help to make that happen.

If your pup is at least eight weeks old and has had all their vaccinations, contact us. Schedule a good time to bring your pet to visit our dog boarding and training facility. Older dogs are welcomed, as well. In fact, it is never too late to teach an older dog new tricks (or in this case, good behavior).

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Long Island, NY dog owners, we provide professional dog training and boarding to the Long Island area including Nassau, Suffolk, and New York City. We utilize the best and most nutritious food for your pet during their boarding stay with us.

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