Modify Your Pet’s Behavior Issues With Bethpage Dog Training

Dec 18, 2015Tips

You love your dog, but you have realized that are exhibiting behavior issues. Perhaps when you leave your home, they is destroying your throw pillows. Or, when you take them for a walk, they barks incessantly. At first, you thought your pet would get over it with love and affection, and the knowledge that you always come back home. By now they know they are not in imminent danger of attack from the neighbor’s poodle. However, fixing canine behavior issues is best left to the professionals. Bethpage dog training from Canine Commander can help with your misbehaving best friend.

Bethpage Dog Training Fix Behavior Issues

A dog that has a behavioral issue in public can cause shame and embarrassment, if the behavior is disruptive enough. If your dog jumps on or bites someone, it can be construed as an attack, however it was meant by the dog, and you can be held liable. It can also affect your relationships with other dog owners in parks, with neighbors, and with family or friends.

A dog that acts out in private can cause personal distress. Are you doing something wrong? Did you not train your dog properly? Is the dog simply not suited for your living space or your lifestyle?

Fear not. First of all, banish shame and any sense that you did something wrong. Dog misbehaviors such as hyperactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, biting, excessive barking, or destructive behavior are treatable and fixable by a trained professional. It can be caused by misunderstandings, environment, negative experiences or the poor training and care of a previous owner.

Dogs can be trained when they are past the puppy stage. Our Bethpage dog training professionals use classical and operant conditioning to modify your dog’s behavior. There are a proven programs of behavior modification and problem solving and we follow them. Your dog will learn to associate positive behaviors with rewards. The trainers at our Bethpage dog training facilities are licensed and experienced professionals, many of whom have been trained by the Federal government and the New York City Police Department.

Please contact Canine Commander to discuss our for canine behavior modification programs.

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