What is the Best Age to Start Dog Training Long Island?

Nov 21, 2014Tips

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “What age is best to start dog training?” Our answer is simple: start immediately. Dog training Long Island happens all year long, year after year, with all ages and breeds of dog.  At Canine Commander, see the positive difference an experienced dog trainer can have on rearing of your new pet.

Best Age To Start Dog Training Long Island

Whatever age you receive your dog, training must begin right away. The term “training” can refer to simple commands such as “No” or more complex commands involving body language or leash controls. Much of the success of your dog’s training begins at home. Be loving and consistent with your new canine.

Many people get a dog when they are still a puppy. Often, 8 or 9 weeks old is old enough to be taken to a new home. Training for puppies is usually focused around potty training, but other commands are reasonable to enforce as well. Ask about our Puppy Consultation Sessions.

For those who’ve taken an older puppy, some training (or lack of training) from the previous owner will come with the territory. Moreover, with adult dogs that are brought to a new home, old habits will be even more deeply ingrained. Our Behavior Modification & Problem Solving can help.

However, no matter the age of the dog, training upon arrival at a new home is essential. The new surroundings, new people, and new smells will all have an effect on the animal, so expert dog training Long Island will help your canine know learn the expectations for behavior in your home.

The central fact is that starting training from the onset of getting a new dog will help formulate a special bond between you both. Professional dog training Long Island can assist in this process, especially for owners who are new to owning a dog and haven’t had much experience. Even experienced canine owners will learn new tricks from professionals.

Contact Canine Commander to find out how we can help establish an age appropriate training routine for the new dog in your home! We offer everything from puppy consultations to behavior modification.

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