5 Tips for Dog Boarding Long Island

Oct 17, 2014Tips

The next time that you need to take a trip out-of-town and cannot take your pet with you, you may need to consider dog boarding Long Island. Dog boarding can be a scary experience, especially if you or your canine do not know what to expect. To help ease your anxiety, here are five tips to help you and your dog feel more comfortable during boarding.

Dog Boarding Long Island Tips

  • Bring Items from Home: Your dog will feel much more comfortable if he has a favorite toy or blanket with him while he is away from home.
  • Bring Their Regular Food and Medications: You want to make sure to bring the food that your dog always eats as well as his normal medications to keep him healthy while you are away.
  • Give the Staff Any Pertinent Information: When you bring your pet in for dog boarding Long Island, make sure to give the staff of the facility any important information. Canine info such as feeding and medication schedules, previous experiences with other dogs, and any health problems are helpful and may be needed in an emergency.
  • Walk Your Dog Before Coming In: If you walk your dog before bringing him inside, he will be calmer when entering the facility. This is also helpful because your pet will have a chance to use the bathroom outside before coming inside.
  • Stay Calm: Your dog’s emotions are affected by your emotions. If you are anxious about how your dog will do during this trip, he will feel that anxiety as well. Before boarding your pet, make sure that you have complete confidence in the facility so that you can relax and trust that your dog is in good hands.

For more information about boarding your pet, contact Canine Commander dog boarding Long Island. We hope to become your dog boarding specialists.

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