Behavior Modification & Problem Solving

dog behavior modificationCanine Commander understands that on occasion, dog owners may be faced with certain behavioral issues. These issues can arise and are often due to no fault of the owner. Canine behavioral issues can arrise from misunderstandings, environmental pressures, negative experiences or the poor training and care of a previous owners.

Our expert dog trainers have a proven program of behavior modification and problem solving. We utilize both classical and operant conditioning to address negative responses and teach acceptable behavior. Help eliminate dog behavior problems such as fear, hyperactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, biting, excessive barking, insecurity and destructive behaviors. Correct behavioral issues arising from misunderstandings, environment, negative experiences or previous owners.

We Mitigate Common Dog Behavioral Issues

behavior modification

There Are No ‘Bad Dogs’

If your dog exhibits excessive barking, jumping, running away and pulling on the lead when you go for a walk, you are not alone. Although many owners struggle with these issues, they are are just a few of the many common dog behavioral issues we address.  Make the relationship between you and your dog a more productive and enjoyable one. Canine Commander employs licensed and experienced professionals, many of which have been trained by the US Government and the NYPD Police Force.

  • Excessive Barking, Jumping, Pulling On The Lead

Fix Canine Communication Issues

We have found that many of the issues that dog owners have start with communication. Clear and consistent communication can be a challenge when the intended recipient is of another species. Good owner to dog communication starts with patience and consistency of message.

fix canine communication issues

We have found many owners who without knowing, confuse their animals with mixed signals. Canine Commander can help you establish, clarify and simplify your canine communication skills.

  • Patience And Consistency Of Message Are Key

Resolve Canine Environmental Issues

canine crate training


Create a safe, stable environment for your pet. We can help you with the environment of the animal as many issues can usually be found in the home without knowing. Issues such as house training, crate training, barking at visitors and respecting household property can be effective addressed using modern canine behavioral modification and problem solving. Our experienced professionals can help in frustrating and challenging situations.

  • One-On-One At The Location Of The Issue

Learn Professional Modification Techniques

understand exhibited canine behavior


Canine Commander dog behavior modification and problem solving training will focus on reinforcing desired behaviors, removing the reinforcer for undesired behaviors, and determining the drivers of undesirable behavior. Our dog behavior modification and problem solving approach is proven to promote an understanding of the animals exhibited behavior. We have found that punishment should only be used when other approaches have failed. Canine Commander will craft a behavior modification program that includes reinforcement of positive behaviors while mitigating the causes of the negative behavior.

  • Determining The Drivers Of Undesirable Behavior